Contract win: Investing in our long-standing client's growth

NorthWolds renews long-standing printing contract with a fast growing UK training provider following significant investment in dedicated staff, premises and machinery.

Family-run, Yorkshire-based printing company NorthWolds has secured a new two-year contract with its largest client; a training and learning organisation which provides distance and workplace learning solutions nationwide. We have been providing tailored print services to the client since the organisation was established more than 10 years ago. The new contract has been secured off the back of the hard work, excellent service, and significant investment the NorthWolds team has made in ensuring that it can deliver the organisation’s growing print, inventory management, fulfilment and delivery requirements.

Since securing the previous iteration of the contract in 2017, we have installed a new online portal stock system which has simplified the process for the client’s customers placing orders and the client’s staff processing orders. We have also employed a dedicated team member to work exclusively on the client’s stock orders, processing them, making up packs, entering delivery details into the courier’s website, printing and applying labels to boxes, and preparing them for despatch. This provides the client with a ‘one-stop-shop’ service which means that they don’t have to store or deal with any of the printed learning materials that they distribute. This has saved the organisation significant amounts of time and money as an ‘added value’ service from their print provider.

Chris Sykes, Sales Director at NorthWolds, said: “Having worked with the client for more than 10 years, we have a very strong relationship and a keen interest in their growth and success. As the organisation has expanded and its print needs have grown, we have grown with them, increasing our warehousing space to accommodate the greater amount of stock we hold for them and investing in a new, faster and higher quality digital press which has resulted in quicker turnaround times and a better quality finish. Our dedicated team member works closely with their customer service team to ensure we never miss a print deadline.”

He added: “Since securing the latest contract, we’ve already kick started our plans for installing a new dedicated area for storing and processing their products to future proof increases in capacity, entirely at our cost. We’re also looking at investing in more new machinery and have made ‘no deal Brexit’ contingency plans and soaked up paper price increases to ensure maximum value for money for the client.”

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